IBUKI – Interview (2020)

IBUKI Interview by Brian Galloway Translation by Cap Hayes August 9, 2020 (photo: Kaoriko “ossie” Hanawa/NATSUMETAL live, February 2020) We recently had the opportunity to sit down with IBUKI to talk to her about her […]


Aldious – Interview

Aldious Interview by Cap Hayes and Todd Nelson Translation by Cap Hayes December 21, 2019 Aldious is an all-female 5 piece power metal band formed in Osaka in 2008. Comprised of Yoshi and Toki on […]


Gacharic Spin – Interview (2019)

Gacharic SpinInterview by Todd NelsonTranslation by Cap HayesJuly 9, 2019 [top: yuri (drums), Hana (vocals and guitar), F-Chopper KOGA (bass), Angelina 1/3 (mic performer); bottom: Oreo Reona (keyboards), TOMO-ZO (guitar)] Gacharic Spin is an all-female […]