BABYBEARD – Interview (2021)

BABYBEARDInterview by Todd Nelson, Matt Clark, and Cap HayesTranslation by Cap HayesApril 10th,2021 Ladybeard, the cross-dressing Kawaiicore metal vocalist and professional wrestler, sat down with us to talk about his latest music project that will […]

MIST Band Profile Picture

MIST – Unveiling the Unknown

Formed April 9th, 2018 MIST released their first EP “Color of Infection.” As their name suggests, MIST is a band shrouded in mystery immediately apparently from the masks, and as their song M.I.S.T from Color of Infection suggests, “You don’t know who we really are, so we hide behind the mask.” MIST itself is an acronym that means “My Infections Spread Through.” MIST’s trademark sound is aggressive and intense metalcore, with MIST’s vocalist striding the line between wonderful Melodic vocals and a fantastically harsh death voice. […]