Lovebites – Heavy Metal Never Dies -September 29th

Lovebites - Heavy Metal Never Dies Artwork

Keeping with their blistering cadence of providing high quality heavy metal on a yearly basis, Japan’s front runners for the “New Wave of Japanese Heavy Metal” Lovebites will release their latest concert production, “Heavy Metal Never Dies” on September 29th! Filmed in Tokyo, this latest release features more than 2 hours of music, with some never before played live songs, and amazing production quality, once again raising their standard “higher and higher.”

The concert was originally scheduled for January 31st, 2021, but was postponed and rescheduled for March 26th, 2021 due to the spread of COVID-19. The Ride for Vengeance 2021 tour in itself was almost a miracle as no sooner did Lovebites do their final show of the tour on April 2nd in Osaka, another emergency declaration was declared for Osaka and Tokyo not too long after.

Release Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2021
・ Blu-ray: ¥ 5,500 + tax / VIXL-351
・ DVD: ¥ 4,700 + tax / VIBL -1035
・ 2CD: ¥ 3,500 + tax / VICL-65561 ~ 2

[Bonuses included for the first press]
● Blu-ray & DVD: AAA laminate pass (replica) of “RIDE FOR VENGEANCE TOUR”
● 2CD: Special sticker

[Bonuses for Specific Stores]
Fan Club Limited: T-Shirt, Handkerchief, and Signed Postcard Bundle
Booth (Outside of Japan) & Victor Entertainment (Japan limited): T-Shirt and Handkerchief Bundle
HMV: Paper Coaster
CD Japan: Photo
Amazon Japan – A5 Notebook
Disk Union – Bottle Opener
Tower Records – B3 Poster
Rakuten – A4 Clear File

Heavy Metal Never Dies – Live in Tokyo 2021 Setlist
01. Ride For Vengeance (Intro)
02. When Destinies Align
03. The Crusade
04. Golden Destination
05. Set The World On Fire (*)
06. Shadowmaker
07. Today Is The Day (*)
08. Winds Of Transylvania (*)
09. Spellbound (*)
10. The Unbroken (*)
11. A Frozen Serenade (*)
12. Swan Song
13. Glory To The World (*)
14. The Apocalypse
15. MDO
16. Don’t Bite The Dust
17. Holy War
18. Thunder Vengeance
19. Under The Red Sky
20. End Credits (Not included on CD Version)
( * Live first performance)

BONUS: Ride For Vengeance (Opening Video) (DVD/Bluray ONLY)

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