Unlucky Morpheus「Lunatic East 2019 Tour Final」Blu-Ray drops March 22nd

Unlucky Morpheus will release their Lunatic East 2019 Tour Final concert on Blu-Ray March 22nd. The one man live final took place on November 2nd at ReNY Shinjuku. This will be the second concert Blu-Ray that the band has released. Last year the band released their Change of Generation Tour Final. The setlist from that tour focused on the band’s original compositions, while the Lunatic East 2019 setlist was exclusively comprised from the band’s Touhou arrangements.

Guitarist and composer Shiren stated that the band will be releasing video for some of the songs on YouTube as well, and is asking for suggestions. You can let him know what song you would like to see by commenting here.

Lunatic East 2019 Tour Final Blu-Ray Announcement
Lunatic East 2019 Tour Final SetList

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