Lovebites to release new Live DVD/Bluray/Album – Five of a Kind

Lovebites - Five of a Kind Jacket Cover

Lovebites faithful, this is it! Our metal heroines are back! Aiming for a release date of July 22nd, 2020, Five of a Kind was filmed on location at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo on February 21st, 2020. This release will be Lovebites’ 2nd official stand alone Bluray / DVD concert, and will also include a 2-CD Live album on the side. 

Currently only available at the official Lovebites Webshop they are offering  T-Shirt bundles for each of the release options or the individual DVD/Bluray/2-CD Album. The DVD & Bluray also feature audio commentary by the band as well as a 20 minute documentary entitled: Today is the Day. Commentary and documentary are not available on the 2-CD Album.

Lovebites - Five of a Kind T-Shirt

Five of a Kind – LIVE Setlist
Zepp Diver City, Tokyo – February 21st, 2020
Thunder Vengeance
Holy War
Don’t Bite The Dust
Raise Some Hell
Break The Wall
Piano Solo (Etude Op.10, No.12)
Swan Song
Dancing With The Devil
Signs Of Deliverance
Golden Destination
When Destinies Align
The Awakening
The Hammer Of Wrath
Edge Of The World
We The United

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