Gacharic Spin to perform live concert in VR July 3rd

Gacharic Spin will be streaming a live concert on July 3rd. A number of bands have been offering live concert streams due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Gacharic Spin’s show will be offering something a bit different – the show will be in VR!  “Jump out! Gachapin! ~Live at home~ ” will be broadcast via the VR Mode app, which is available on iPhone, android, and Oculus Go. A PC option is not available. On mobile phones the user has the option to watch in standard mode or in VR mode if they have a VR headset for their device.

The live is scheduled to run over 2 hours and the viewer will have 180° 3D stereoscopic control of the stage. Two types of tickets will be sold for the stream, a regular ticket for ¥4,000, and a special ticket for ¥5,000. The special ticket will offer live photo data from the show. It appears that major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Overseas fans interested in viewing the show will have a few hurdles to overcome to gain access. The VR Mode app is region controlled and  only available in Japan app stores (Apple, Google Play, and Oculus). Because of this a Japan account will be needed/created in order to download the app. Once the VR Mode app has been successfully downloaded you can view a free VR demo clip featuring KOGA and Angie to test and adjust your setup:

The broadcast time based on timezone is listed below:
US Eastern – 7/3 : 5 am Entry, 6 am Start
US Pacific – 7/3 : 2 am Entry, 3 am Start
London – 7/3 : 10 am Entry, 11 am Start
Japan – 7/3 : 6 pm Entry , 7 pm Start

The distribution period to purchase a pass to the VR live is from June 20 10:00 to July 1 23:59 Japan time.
Access to the show can be purchased at the link below. The link will not be active until the sale start date.

The band has uploaded a video discussing VR and the VR live event on their GachaTV channel:

Additional Information for overseas buyers:

– If you already have an EMTG account (Electronic Music Ticket Guard), both tixplus and VR Mode use the same account for authorization, no need to create a new one
– For Oculus products the VR Mode app is only available on the Go. It is not available on the Quest or Rift models.
– VR Headsets for mobile devices work fairly well and usually range from $30 to $50. Amazon offers several models.
– VR Mode FAQ –

VR Mode Website –

Gacharic Spin Website –
Gacharic Spin Twitter –
Gacharic Spin YouTube –
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