Ark Empty – We Don’t Be Alone PV

Ark Empty are back! To pair with their recently released EPWe Don’t Be Alone, Ark Empty have a new music video for the EP’s lead track. As Coronavirus related restrictions are easing in Japan, the band wanted to spread their message of hope to the world to let us know, you are not alone.

I was a fan of the band when they were still only Ryo (Gt/Vo) and Nami (Ba/Cho) with supporting session members; ever since Genki (Gt) and Kazuma (Drums) joined the band their sound has started to come together more and more with their vision. Ark Empty continue to push themselves with both their music and their presentation. The PV itself has dual subtitles for English and Japanese parts of the song, so that their message can be communicated clearly. We Don’t be Alone‘s upbeat tempo with a mixture of dance and alternative rock make it a catchy track. Osaka veterans may be familiar with some of the surroundings in the video as well!

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