Gacharic Spin announces new album – Gold Dash

Standard version VICL-65304

Gacharic Spin will release the full length album, Gold Dash, on March 11, 2020. It will be the first studio album from the band’s 5th generation lineup, featuring new members Yuri and Angelina 1/3 and will contain 11 tracks.

The album will be available in 3 different versions, a standard version (CD only), version A (CD+DVD), and version B (CD+Photobook).  The contents of the bonus DVD in version A  includes live performance video of the new songs “Yuki Kagete”,  “Eternal No Mission”, “the first star”, and “Kisei Kaisei Forever”.

Version A(CD+DVD)] VIZL-1693


Version B(CD+Photobook) VIZL-1694

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